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Dr. Jean Monnat, senior scientist and Managing Director


Jean holds a mechanical electrical engineer degree, and a Ph.D. in biological science. Along with holding the position of Managing Director, Jean is involved in the translation of our biotechnological research data into a program for our company. He is at your disposal for customer collaborations and when suited, he will give you more information about our research project and further discuss with you possible customer collaboration.



Franco Bui, senior engineering and Application Special

Franco has an extensive experience in the field of jewel bearings and is at your disposal for all design, engineering and application problems.



Dr. Nazarena Bui, scientific collaborator

Nazarena graduated in foreign languages and holds a PhD in biochemistry. She joined the family company in 2001 and is responsible that our science based manufacturing methodologies ensure the highest levels of quality for our broaches and grinders in order to meet customers needs.


Nazarena is further involved in the development of a biotechnological research project. Her primary research interest is how genetic variation impacts common, complex human phenotypes. The main aim of this project is the detection of DNA polymorphisms affecting drug development and disease diagnosis.


for contact:  nbui@jeanmonnat.com



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